Sunday, November 14, 2010

Redwood National Park Forest set to music

Redwood National Park
There's something about the sound of a plucked acoustic guitar that makes us think about the forest, the outdoors, camping, hiking, fishing and being close to nature. So, it's perhaps not without reason that composer and guitarist Bjørn Lynne chose high definition video footage from California's Redwood National Park Forest when he put together the video for his latest track, "Outback Ramble".

In this track, 4 layers of steel stringed acoustic guitars - some gently strummed, others plucked, to great this earthy and melodic music track. Also featured is a Didgeridoo which is an instrument that makes it sound "aboriginal" or "indigenous", just something that makes it feel like it comes out of the earth itself. The track is a quite simple, yet inspiring and inviting. We think it goes well with video productions about hobby & leisure. Check out the music and video at YouTube by following this link. Hope you'll enjoy it.

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