Monday, November 22, 2010

Guitars galore at this week

Jeremy Sherman
Jeremy Sherman is an exceptionally talented guitarist and composer who is entirely self taught, and is one of the senior composer/producers here at Lynne Publishing. His music is always guitar based, as Jeremy likes to write and perform on a multitude of stringed instruments including the acoustic guitar, dobro, banjo, various electric guitars, basses and mandolins.

His music always feels organic, acoustic and human, whether it's latin music such as Andean Nights or Cantina, whether it's raw, southern blues-rock like in Shuffle Off , or it could be funny and upbeat hoe-down, country dance like in Take Your Partners or more contemporary country rock or country music such as Country Mile, Jeremy always delivers exquisite melodies and a feelgood, warm, homely sound.

We've been lucky enough to add 17 brand new tracks by Jeremy this week. As Jeremy is one of our signed-on composer/producers, we always keep his music totally exclusive to for a minimum of one year before that music becomes available anywhere else.

If you are producing commercials, radio spots, fishing, hiking or outdoors videos or other projects that need an earthly, somewhat folky and wholesome feel, you really should check out the music of Jeremy Sherman. We're lucky to have him as part of our team.

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