Sunday, July 24, 2011

Some nice music tracks, TV Themes at this week

Talented composer/producer Philip Curran has composed a series of 4 thirty-second tracks inspired by the intro themes to TV shows. These short, royalty-free music tracks can be heard online, and downloaded in MP3 or WAV files, from -- including a license to use the tracks in your own productions (TV shows, YouTube videos, Podcasts, games and much more):

Philip Curran TV Show Theme 1: Fun and bright, upbeat and charming. Great for family programming, light entertainment, quiz show and more.

Philip Curran TV Show Theme 2: Fast and action filled, great for sports and "guys things"!

Philip Curran TV Show Theme 3: Cheeky and cheerful, memorable with a bouncy and happy whistling tune. Excellent for kids programming, childrens show, or just something goodnatured, with a little bit of humor.

Philip Curran TV Show Theme 4: Jazzy, cool, fun and funky. Again, great for things like daytime TV, leisure and hobby, maybe house makeover programmes and more.

Hope you enjoy these 4 nice themes.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Stock Music: Work stuff. Stock Sound-effects: Home stuff

Running a site for royalty-free music, and another site for royalty-free sound effects, has given me an insight into sales of these two types of products, and one of the things I've come up with is this rather interesting factoid...

Stock Music / Production Music sells most on the weekdays, less in the weekends. Stock Sound Effects seem to sell more on the weekends than on the weekdays. It would seem that mostly the people who buy Production Music / Stock Music are people working in offices, licensing the music for work stuff. Whereas people who buy Stock Sound Effects / Sound FX downloads, are mostly at home, working on some personal / weekend projects.