Sunday, July 24, 2011

Some nice music tracks, TV Themes at this week

Talented composer/producer Philip Curran has composed a series of 4 thirty-second tracks inspired by the intro themes to TV shows. These short, royalty-free music tracks can be heard online, and downloaded in MP3 or WAV files, from -- including a license to use the tracks in your own productions (TV shows, YouTube videos, Podcasts, games and much more):

Philip Curran TV Show Theme 1: Fun and bright, upbeat and charming. Great for family programming, light entertainment, quiz show and more.

Philip Curran TV Show Theme 2: Fast and action filled, great for sports and "guys things"!

Philip Curran TV Show Theme 3: Cheeky and cheerful, memorable with a bouncy and happy whistling tune. Excellent for kids programming, childrens show, or just something goodnatured, with a little bit of humor.

Philip Curran TV Show Theme 4: Jazzy, cool, fun and funky. Again, great for things like daytime TV, leisure and hobby, maybe house makeover programmes and more.

Hope you enjoy these 4 nice themes.

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  1. I am sorry for using one of the songs on you tube. Didn't know and wouldn't have used it if there had been a copyright notification on the sound file.